Friends of Berrycroft

Friends of Berrycroft (reg'd charity 1206753)

In January 2024 we set up a charity . The purpose of the charity is to improve and promote the health of our patient population by providing grants for health promoting activities, and by providing equipment for the Berrycroft building. 
We have a needy population. Part of our catchment area is the most deprived part of Bucks and Oxfordshire, and so we are keen to encourage extra services which go beyond what the NHS can provide. 
There are four busy trustees who have full time jobs, and at present we are working on our charity procedures and therefore not quite ready to promote our work. Later in 2024 we will be properly opening up for business! 
The trustees consist of Dr Jackie Harris (previously a GP Director at Berrycroft), Dr Phil Clayton (GP Director at Berrycroft), Charlotte Brewer and Richard Byford (both local people with considerable experience in complex management, collaboration and charity work). Any queries please email: