Sick/Fit Notes

Sick/Fit Notes

A Statement of Fitness for Work , formally known as a "sick or fit note", is a medical document that provides information about an individual's fitness or incapacity to work due to a health condition.

The note is usually categorized into two options:

  • Not Fit for Work: The individual is not fit for work.
  • Maybe fit to work: The individual maybe fit to work with certain adjustments.


When requesting a Sick/Fit Note we will require:

  • The duration you require time off for.
  • Specific information regarding the individual's health condition.
  • Any recommended adjustments or accommodations that could facilitate a return to work.
  • If the individual is fit for work with adjustments, these adjustments should be specified.


Requesting a Sick/Fit note

Sick/Fit notes can be requested via the Ask First App, by completing our online form below or contacting the surgery on 01296 310940.